Enabling Web/Mobile Reporting

Enabling Web/Mobile Reporting

Web/Mobile Reporting
If you have already enabled Web/Mobile Reporting, click here for instructions on clocking in online.

With web/mobile reporting, your employees can punch in and out from their mobile phones or web-enabled device. If 'Location' was enabled on the employee device, you can view where the employee was when the punch was made. For instruction on where to view the location click here.

Enabling the Setting

1. Log-in to 'us.timedox.com' with Administrator credentials.

2. Locate ‘Employees’,  from the drop-down menu select ‘Employees Management’. 

3. Double click on the name of the employee you want to provide access to.

4. Select the ‘Identification Means’ tab, located under the employee’s number.

5. In the 4th box, you will see <WebPage/Mobile>. Below WebPage/Mobile you will see a button that reads, ‘Approve Reporting’. Click ‘Approve Reporting’ and select the department to allow them access using Web/Mobile punching. (If you only have 1 department select ‘Check All’ and click ‘Approve Reporting’).

6. Click ‘Save’ located towards the center of the page.


   Before                                                    After

Obtaining the Credentials

1. Under Identification Means you will see a field that reads <Authentication>.

The ‘Employee No’ and the ‘Device Pin Code’, located in the <Authentication> box will allow your employees to clock in using their Mobile Phone. (By selecting the Device Pin Code Field, you will reveal the hidden characters, If the box is empty you are allowed to enter up to a 4-digit code).


Note: You do not need to enter the dashes once you log in using the Device Pin Code.

Company ID: Company ID

Username: Employee Number

Password: Device Pin Code

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