Roles in Web Portal

Roles in Web Portal

The level of access users have when logging in to the is determined by their "Role" 

Company Admin

Possesses full authorization, encompassing the capacity to add or remove employees, allocate employee roles, access and modify any employee's time report, update user credentials, insert contracts (overtime and break rules), revise company and department details, oversee pay-period configurations, and request the addition of new departments.

Department Admin

Equivalent privileges to those of a Company Administrator, but exclusively within the department to which they have been assigned.

(Exceptions include but are not limited to changes that affect the company settings)

Department System Operator*

Can create reports for their assigned department but is not authorized to make any modifications.


Limited to viewing only their own hours in the system and is unable to make any alterations.

To learn how to set User Roles c
lick here.

*Available only for Cloud Pro accounts
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