Roles in Web Portal

Roles in Web Portal

Website Access: Roles
The level of access users have when logging in to the Web Portal ( is determined by their 'Role'

Company Admin – Has all available permissions. This includes the ability to add/remove employees, assign employee roles, view and edit any employee’s time report, add/change user credentials, add contracts (OT and Break rule), edit company/department information, manage pay-period settings and request additional departments.

Department Admin * – Has the same privileges as a company admin but ONLY for the department they are assigned to.
                  (Exceptions include but are not limited to changes that affect the company settings)

Department System Operator * -  Can generate reports for a department but can not make any edits.

Employee  – Employees can view only their own hours in the system without making any edits.

To learn how to set User Roles
  Click here →  Assigning Roles

Available only in Cloud Pro accounts 

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