Adding Employees (Cloud Pro)

Adding Employees (Cloud Pro)

To add employees, login to Timedox and create a profile for each employee (Employees > Employee Management > Add New).

Once the profile is saved, employees will automatically sync to the device(s) connected to the department. 

Please refrain from adding employees directly on the device. Employee data will be administered through the website. The only employee details that you are required to enter on the device are biometrics, such as fingerprints or face profiles. PIN Codes, Proximity Cards and Mobile Reporting should be configured on under 'Employee Management'.

1. Sign in to Timedox 

2. Click Employee Management under the Employees menu

4. Enter the employee’s name and click Save

5. Newly added employees will automatically sync to your Timeclocks

6. Enroll Biometrics on the device.  Main Menu > User Mgt > All Users > Employee Name > Edit

**It can take up to 15 minutes for new users to sync to your devices**

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