Adding Employees (Cloud Pro)

Adding Employees (Cloud Pro)

Please refrain from adding employees directly on the device. Employee profiles created on the device will not transmit to the website. All employee data should be administered through the website.

The only employee details that you are required to enroll on the device are biometrics, such as Fingerprints or Face profiles. PIN Codes, Proximity Cards and Mobile Reporting should be configured on under "Employee Management".

1. Log in to Timedox using Administrator credentials

2. Select "Employee Management" under "Employees" menu. Alternatively, click "Add Employees" tile on your dashboard.

3. Click "Add New" button (No "Add New" button? Click here)

4. Enter the employee’s name and click "Save". 

5A warning message will appear on the screen. Click "Save" once again.

Employee Numbers can be manually added, however, we recommend opting for automatic assigning of the Employee Number by the system as it will help to avoid any issues.
Employee Number cannot be changed or edited. If the typo or mistake has been made then please create a new employee profile with desired Employee Number.

6. Newly added employees will automatically sync to your Timeclock units within 3-10 minutes depending on network speed.

7. Enroll Biometrics on the Timeclock unit:
 M/Ok button > Main Menu >
User Mgt > All Users > Employee Name > Edit

It can take up to 15-20 minutes for new users to sync to your devices provided that multiple employees have been added.

To add new Account Administrator (Company Owner), please open a ticket by clicking the floating blue question mark (?) at the bottom left of your screen on

Should you require more information or have questions about Adding Employes or any other feature offered by Timedox, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.
 470-554-7334 Ext 4 or 

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