Adding Employees (Cloud Lite/Plus)

Adding Employees (Cloud Lite/Plus)

This guide is for Lite/Plus accounts. Pro accounts click here.
To add employees to your Timeclock, you can utilize the User Mgt. menu which allows you to view and manage user information such as ID (Employee Number), name, user role, fingerprint, proximity card number, PIN code (password), and user Face scan (photo). This feature also enables you to make adjustments to existing user information or remove it if necessary.
To ensure new employees appear on, it is necessary to first enroll them on the device and then manually upload their data to the website once at least one punch has been made. On the website, you can manage employee information such as names, pay rates, email addresses, and more by accessing the Employee Management section under Employees menu.

It is important to exercise caution when granting Admin permissions to new users. Granting such permissions to an unauthorized user may result in the device being locked and only accessible to that individual.

Adding a User

Entering a User ID

Enrolling Fingerprints 

Enrolling an ID Card

Enrolling a Password

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