Setting the Time & Date (Cloud Pro Subscribers)

Setting the Time & Date (Cloud Pro Subscribers)

Setting the Time & Date on your Device
If you are a Cloud Pro Subscriber, the device's time is set by the Timezone configured in your online account. If you are a CloudLite customer click here for the step by step instructions. 
Changing the time in the device will not correct the device time. 

How to set the Timezone

1. Log-into with Company Administrator credentials. 

2. Locate 'Department’ in the top menu bar, then select ‘Department Management’ from the drop-down

3. Select the  to the left of the department name where the device is connected to edit the settings. 

4. Choose the correct timezone from the drop-down menu, then click 'Save'. 

The Device may reboot.

Please allow up to  15 minutes for the device to update with the correct time.

If your device is connected to more than one department, make sure all departments are set to the same timezone.

If you do not subscribe to the CloudLite, please refer to the instructions in the QuickStart Guide shipped with your device.
If for any reason you do not have the QuickStart guide, please find it below;

     Silver / Silver D                 Silver Plus /Silver X                    Silver Snow



    Tandem Pro                  Silver Pro                            Tandem

 Silver Desk

If the time & date is still incorrect, please contact our Support Department for assistance.


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