Enabling Time Rounding

Enabling Time Rounding

Enabling Time Rounding will round the employee punches to the nearest quarter-hour within the 7-minute increment.

1. Log in to Timedox using Administrator credentials.

2. Select the "hamburger menu" icon 
 in the top right corner on any page of the website. 

3. Select
"Configurations" option in the bottom left corner of the pop-up window.

4. Once you see the list of your departments, double click on the department you would like to modify. 

5. In order to enable "Time Rounding" feature, check the box to the right of "Enable time rounding" and don't forget to click "Save".
These changes will apply retroactively. 

In order to review the rounded times click "Report" located in the top menu and select "Pay Period Report".
The other reports (Timecard Editing, Pay Period Continuous, etc...) will show you the original punch time without rounding

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