Delete employees

Removing Employees (Cloud Pro)

Delete employees by "archiving" them on the 'Employee Management' page.

1. Log-in to with Administrator (Company owner) credentials.

2. Select
"Employee Management" under "Employees" menu. Alternatively, click "Add Employees" tile on the dashboard.

3. Uncheck the box to the right of the employee name you want to archive (this will move the employee profile into archive/inactive list).

Employees will be automatically removed from your Timeclock unit within 3-10 minutes depending on network speed.
To view or re-add employees that have been archived, simply change 'Active' to 'Archived

Note: This guide shows you how to "Archive" the employees, making them invisible until/if you need them again for auditing purposes. While it is an option to ask for the removal of a department from your company, it is strongly discouraged because such action results in the deletion of accessible employee attendance data.
Should you require more information or have questions about Removing Employees or any other feature offered by Timedox, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.
 470-554-7334 Ext 4 or 

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