Locking/Unlocking Device Menu (CloudLite)

Locking/Unlocking Device Menu (CloudLite)

How to Set a Device Administrator
If you subscribe to our Cloud Pro platform please view this article instead.

By assigning a Device Administrator you are setting a lock on the time clock to prevent anyone from accessing the menu to make changes to any data. For the safety of your attendance data, we highly recommend setting at least one Device Administrator. 

1. Access the menu on the time clock by pressing the ‘M/OK’ button on the keypad.

2. Select 'User' > 'User Mgt'

3. Select your name by using the up and down arrow keys to highlight your employee ID/name. Press the 'M/OK' button to select the profile.  

Before moving to the next step, the system requires that a fingerprint/password/badge must be enrolled. We suggest adding more than one verification method as a back up if you are not able to access the menu with the original method. If you do not know how to add a verification method Click Here.

4. Locate 'Purview' towards the bottom of the page and use the right arrow key to set yourself as an ‘Administrator’ once you have the option highlighted.


5. Use the down arrow key to highlight <M/OK> and select the 'M/OK' button to save the changes. 

If you are locked out of your device Click Here for instructions to access the menu.

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