Break Settings

Break Settings


1. Log-in to with your Administrator credentials.

2. Locate ‘Management’, in the top menu bar, and select ‘Contract Management from the drop-down menu.

There will be three pre-defined options/contracts available by default: 'Salary', 'Weekly 40h Daily 8h', and 'Weekly 40h'. 

In this instance, we'll choose the contract labeled 'Salary' since this contract doesn't have any configured overtime rules.

3. Double-click on 'Salary' to edit or select the 'Add New Contract' button in the top right corner to start from the beginning, as shown in the image below. 

4. Select the tab that reads <General>

5. Clicking the checkbox on the right side of the page labeled 'Break Settings' will open a new tab labeled 'Break.'
Assign a Contract Number and Contact Name to each contract for identification purposes.

5. Select 'Save' to save the changes. 
Once you click save the contract will scale down. Double click on the contract again and select the <Break> tab.

Break Type 

Punch For BreaksEmployees will clock out when going to break and clock in when returning.
Automatic Breaks - The system will automatically deduct the time from an employee. 

Number of Breaks

Select the number of breaks the employee will take throughout the day. 
I.g. if the employee takes two 15-minute breaks and one 30 minute break select 3 as the number of breaks. 

Break Duration

Select the length of the break.

Minimum Worked Hours

Select minimum worked hours before the break can be taken

Paid Break

The system will add the break to the total hours the employee worked. 
By checking this setting a new setting will appear 'Violation'.


If the employee exceeds the Break Duration, The entire break will not be paid.
Before enabling this option, you will need to set the Break Duration.

Max Break Duration Before Violation

If the employee work over X amount of minutes/hours they will receive a violation. 

To apply the Contract to a user, select the 'Employee' tab and right-click the name of the employee and select the right arrow to move them to the 'Employees Associated To The Contract' box. 

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